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One of our premium waterfront properties


"Your Gateway to Virginia's Eastern Shore"

The Kirkwood Group has 32 years’ experience developing some of the most sought-after residential oceanfront and waterfront communities and numerous commercial properties on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where low, low taxes abound. Let us become your gateway to the splendor of the southernmost tip of the Delmarva peninsula.

We can offer you prime real estate that provides:

  • Low taxes as compared to other states such as California, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

  • Mean average temperature of 72°

  • Deep water harbors

  • White sandy beaches

  • Larger than normal coastal area lot sizes

  • Abundance of open space with fragrant seaside breezes

  • No earthquakes

  • No wildfires

  • Uncrowded water ways

  • Unhurried coastal living close to major cities like Virginia Beach

  • New state of the art hospital built in 2018

  • Broadband recently installed on the entire length of the Eastern Shore of Virginia

  • 32 free boat ramps with access to:

    • the Atlantic Ocean

    • and the Chesapeake Bay

  • Major affordable marinas


List of Free Boat Launching Facilities

​​These facts add to the future value of the property and more importantly, they provide a place where homeowners and their guests can meet new friends, socialize, and enjoy the waterfront.

Leave backed up traffic, six lane highways, earthquakes and hurricanes behind for a quiet coastal paradise promising a lifetime of peaceful living between secluded barrier island beaches, protected seaside sounds and the majestic Chesapeake Bay.

Although our waterfront home sites offer incredible views and lifestyle, on Virginia's Eastern Shore you do not have to live on the waterfront to enjoy all the area has to offer. There are 32 free boat ramps located on seaside and bayside of our narrow peninsula where you can launch your boat within minutes from either side to enjoy the sunrises, sunsets and seasonal fish runs.

The diversity of land choices on Virginia's Eastern Shore is unsurpassed. The southern tip of the Delmarva peninsula in Virginia is just 70 miles in length and averages about 7 miles in width. You can drive to all parts of the area within an hour.

The "bay side" offers property on or near the Chesapeake Bay, where you'll find long stretches of sandy beach interrupted by inlets cutting in for several miles. The salt water inlets are locally named "creeks", and usually have Indian names such as Nassawadox, Occohannock and Nandua. Along these major creeks you'll find boating properties with individual docks, public boat ramps, and commercial marinas. The shorelines of the larger creeks also offer smaller, protected coves. These coves are serene waterfowl nesting areas and although the water may be a little shallower, the views are incredible!

The “seaside” is lined with salt marshes and shallow bays, known as the seaside sounds. The seaside sounds house a thriving commercial aqua culture industry, growing oysters and clams. Aqua culture is the largest industry on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Following the channels through the seaside sounds will lead to the secluded barrier islands of the Virginia Coastal Reserve, where you can enjoy beach combing, surf fishing or just a lazy day on the sand. Following the channel weaving through the barrier islands will lead to the Atlantic Ocean.

Whether your dreams are for a home on the beach,  a deep water creek with your boat tied to the dock, a relaxing view over the calm waters of a scenic cove or having direct access to the Atlantic Ocean for deep sea fishing….the Kirkwood Group has it all!

With a long history of building development projects to successful completion, you can have confidence in selecting The Kirkwood Group to help you acquire just the right property to meet your needs.

"This area provides an atmosphere and lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else on the East Coast.

Property taxes are the lowest in the state. Sales tax is only 6%. For instance, taxes on a 4500 sq foot waterfront home with pool and cabana pool house on 101 acres with 3343 feet of waterfront are $8,042 per year. See High Knoll at Country Club listed in the Waterfront Homes tab in the menu above.

Property taxes on a 3525 square foot home with a dock and two boat lifts and 180 degree waterfront view are just $3,692 a year.

Why would you want to go anywhere else? You can fish, golf, hunt, bike, boat and bird watch on Virginia’s Eastern Shore while enjoying the company of new friends and neighbors.”


- Eileen Kirkwood, The Kirkwood Group

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Client Testimonials

"My husband and I were thrilled when we found the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia while vacationing from New York City. We love going to beaches and fishing so were pleasantly surprised when we found a very affordable property in Waterside Village. We are looking forward to building a vacation home here soon as it is the perfect location near the harbor for our boat."

"After having lived in town for several years on the Eastern Shore, my wife, Christina and I want to build where our property values will be better protected. We chose a five acre wooded site in the Peacefuls which offers us all the privacy we want. We are in a community with much more expensive waterfront homes so our home's value will be well protected. The beautiful common area at the beachfront is an added bonus."

"My husband and I bought in the Clearview community where he fell in love with a tidal pond on our building lot. We built our dream home and were amazed at the wild life that visits the tidal pond and the cove behind our home. The community dock is perfect for tying up the pontoon boat and Morleys Wharf boat ramps are nearby. I like the country feel of Clearview while still being very close to shopping and other conveniences."




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